Call for Research Proposals

CIIPS welcomes the submission of proposals for one-time research and education projects. To be eligible for funding or partnership, a project must fit the mission and charitable purpose of CIIPS.

CIIPS has a two-stage process for the intake of project proposals:

  1. Applicants are first asked to submit a Letter of Intent which describes the project more briefly than a full application. This enables the Institute to do a preliminary evaluation to ensure that the proposed project is within our charitable purposes, aligned with our current mandate and objectives, appropriate to our resources, etc. This step also prevents the applicant from doing potentially wasted work.
  1. If the Institute considers the project in the Letter of Intent to be appropriate, feasible and well aligned with our current objectives, we may ask the applicant to submit a full Project Application

Please understand that CIIPS does not have funds on hand for research or educational projects. If the Institute decides to sponsor, fund or undertake your project, we also accept the responsibility of seeking the necessary funds for the project.

Non-acceptance of a project is not necessarily a judgement on the merits of a project. CIIPS’ charitable mandate is strict, funding potential is limited, and the amount of projects we are able to undertake at this time is very limited.

CIIPS conducts research:

  • Directly through organizational staff and volunteers, and
  • Through coordinating or sponsoring research by other researchers and organizations focused on public access to information and privacy principles.

We also welcome invitations to partner with academic institutes, other research organizations, and independent researchers.

The Institute supports research into:

  • Information Rights
  • Privacy and privacy protection
  • Data protection
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Freedom of information
  • Access to Information / Right to information
  • Freedom of expression
  • Open government / transparency
  • Open data
  • Internet freedom/ open Internet
  • Information management as it affects privacy, transparency, and accountability
  • Media democracy.

CIIPS uses specific definitions for the above terms.

CIIPS welcomes research proposals that:

  • Identify legal, policy or educational needs in the context of the above listed information and privacy areas, or related areas pertaining to the public and private sectors
  • Explore implications of an “information rights” approach to access to information and privacy issues
  • Identify practical pathways to improving access to information and privacy protection
  • Seek “best practices” in law, policy, and procedures
  • Seek policy options to adapt international best practices to the Canadian context
  • Compare and contrast public policies and public policy options
  • Explore approaches to education about information and privacy issues
  • Compile and bring order to information from multiple sources, or concerning multiple jurisdictions
  • Have a municipal, provincial, national, or international focus.