Educational Programs

CIIPS creates educational programs for:

  • youth
  • high school students
  • university students and
  • the general public.

We create educational programs and courses of study:

  • independently by contracting with qualified professionals and
  • through partnerships with universities, colleges, and schools.

Books, Journals, and Scholarly Papers

CIIPS commissions academics and professionals to write to enrich the public’s understanding of, and practical skills regarding, privacy and freedom of information issues and legislation.

CIIPS publishes online journals, list-serves and other media that provide an outlet, and encourage discourse, for academics and other experts producing cutting-edge research and educational content on freedom of information and privacy issues.

Internet Publishing

Online Search

photo credit: Online Search via photopin cc

Through a regular newsletter and other electronic media featuring news, events, and other developments, CIIPS educates and encourages discourse among academics, students, researchers, government officials, policy advisors, lawyers, librarians, archivists, journalists, technology and security experts, and others who follow information and privacy issues.

Public Education and Discourse

Through staff and others, CIIPS contributes to Canada’s democratic discourse concerning information and privacy issues with articles, analysis, and opinion columns submitted to newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, and social media.

CIIPS encourages independent and university-associated educators to contact us with proposals or to apply to join our advisory board or education committee. Contact Darrell Evans at