Our Work at CIIPS

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At CIIPS, we conduct, fund, and organize Research and Education about freedom of information and privacy issues. We seek partnerships to explore, build knowledge, and share it with others interested in or concerned about issues of information, privacy, open government, open data, media democracy and related issues.

As a charitable organization, our work is not as an activist nonprofit with a focus on pressuring government to keep or change laws or policies. We are not a civil liberties organization challenging governments and the privacy sector in court to change the legal and regulatory climate. We are not a grassroots or petition focused organization hoping to directly influence government actions concerning the online and telecommunications environment.

Instead, we at CIIPS work with others to research facts; analyze laws, regulations, policies and practices; seek out best practices; and explore international approaches. And we share our research findings and other knowledge through education programs in schools, through workshops and conferences, and with members, supporters, the general public, and media.