Research Focus

CIIPS studies information issues relating to public access to information and privacy protection in Canadian society, including the value, impact, and implementation of public-sector and private-sector policies.

Research Formats

The Institute produces and commissions academic research papers, reports, and other materials for public dissemination.

Publishing Research

We publish and disseminate research findings through:

  • classes, seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • in-house print and online publications, newsletters, websites, and social media
  • academic and other journals, publications, and list-serves
  • donations to public libraries
  • sale to law libraries and
  • direct communication with interested audiences identified by our in-house database
  • other means.

In addition, CIIPS shares findings with mass audiences through outreach to media.

Researchers Welcome

CIIPS conducts research:

  • directly through organizational staff and volunteers and
  • through coordinating or sponsoring research by other researchers and organizations
  • focused on public access to information and privacy principles.

CIIPS encourages independent and academic researchers to contact us with proposals or to apply to join our advisory board or research committee. Contact Darrell Evans at