Yes, You Can Help Shape a Newer, Brighter Information Age

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We need to discover the world’s best practices around privacy and information rights — personal practices, business practices, government practices. We can’t just say “no” to current trends without having some idea of what gets us to “yes.”

And we need to educate students, the general public, administrators, policy experts, journalists and business executives about information rights.

That’s where CIIPS comes in, but we can’t do it without your help.

You can help in various ways — see our drop-down menu for all the options.

If you choose to help through a donation, we as a charitable organization will issue you a tax receipt for your generosity.

Below, we outline some of the ways you can support us (though we’re open to other suggestions, of course). If you choose to donate by cheque or credit card, you may wish to dedicate your donation in honour, or in memory of, someone close to you or whom you respect. As a charity, we will issue a tax
receipt for all donations starting at $20.

You can donate by cheque, either as a one-time donation or a series of cheques.

You can donate through an automatic monthly donation through your bank.

You can donate by credit card, Paypal, Interac or Securities through our donate button linked to the highly regarded Canada Helps organization.

You can become a member, joining others from across Canada in creating a community of people who want to see adoption of the best approaches to information and privacy rights.

You can become a volunteer, donating your skills and knowledge to help build the success of Canada’s only independent charitable think tank devoted to both information and privacy rights.

You can sign up for our Newsletter and for other bulletins to help stay informed.

If you are an organization and would like to directly sponsor the ongoing core costs of operating CIIPS, or would like to discuss a partnership or sponsorship of research and education programs, please contact Executive Director Darrell Evans.

As a registered charity, we will issue you a tax receipt at year end in accordance with federal regulations.

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Have questions? Please contact us.