Volunteer at CIIPS

Volunteer Opportunities

CIIPS is a new charitable think tank. We have limited financial resources and depend on volunteers with an interest in advancing information rights research and education to help us achieve our goals. If you have specific skills you’d like to contribute, or would like to apply your education to build experience, take a look below at our list of volunteer opportunities. Or fill in the attached form if you have skills or education not currently listed.

We ask that all potential volunteers become members of CIIPS, and you can sign up as a member on the website.

Board Members: Fundraising and Charity Administration

We’re building our charity-related skills on our key resource: our board of directors. Already, we have a dynamic and committed team with non-profit leadership experience, a certified accountant, a lawyer, and professional communicators—as well as experts in information, privacy, media democracy, and security issues.

We want to continue building board resources with three major new skill areas: donor fundraising, grant-writing and foundation funding, and charity administration and management.

We meet in downtown Vancouver 10 times yearly after regular work hours and keep meetings to 90 minutes to minimize the impact on family time. And the leadership occasionally seeks advice from individual board members with specialized skills.

If you would like to contribute to the vital first years of Canada’s only charitable independent think tank dealing with both information and privacy rights, please send us an email summary of your experience and your resume to communications@ciips.ca.

Videographer and/or Video Editor

CIIPS is planning a series of short videos for our website to be filmed by summer 2015. We also have ideas for some longer documentaries. We’re seeking a volunteer videographer with their own equipment and a sense of storytelling. We’re also seeking a volunteer video editor with access to editing software.

If you have the basic skills and wish to hone them, or have lots of experience and want to help our cause, please send us an email summary of your experience and/or education, and your resume to communications@ciips.ca.


We’d like our management team to concentrate on overseeing research and educational projects, building our community, communications, and fundraising. We need a detail-oriented experienced office manager and anchoring administrator, or a current or recent student who wants to hone their organizing brilliance. We’re talking basic bookkeeping, creating and maintaining a filing system, and office communications.

If you love to bring order to the world, whipping managers into shape, and being the rock that anchors an organization, please send us an email summary of your experience or education, and your resume to ciips@ciips.ca.

General Volunteer

If you want to volunteer but the above postings are not a good fit for you, fill out this quick questionnaire and send it to communications@ciips.ca. We’re always looking for people to round out the team. We want to hear about your skills and interests. We’re also seeking outreach volunteers to help us extend our reach and build community, including through social media and our events.