What We Do

Research and Education about Freedom of
Information and Privacy Issues

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The Canadian Institute for Information and Privacy Studies (CIIPS) exists to expand public knowledge of freedom of information and privacy issues in Canada. We achieve that through programs of research and education. The Institute is managed by a federally incorporated society which is registered as a charitable organization.

We are not an activist organization but rather a “think tank” that advances knowledge about information issues and information rights through research and education.

CIIPS is ded­i­cated to dis­cov­er­ing and shar­ing the lat­est knowl­edge in our field. Often through part­ner­ships, we con­duct or spon­sor research regard­ing pri­vacy, infor­ma­tion, open gov­ern­ment, open data, and media democ­racy. And we share it, often through part­ner­ships, through edu­ca­tional pro­grams for the full range of schools, as well as through conferences, workshops, and seminars. And also through our newslet­ters, web­site, and social media, through being an informed and credible source for media, and by pub­lish­ing reports and con­tribut­ing to journals.

For definitions of “freedom of information,” “privacy” and “information rights,” please go here.


We study issues relating to freedom of information and privacy protection relevant to Canadian society, including their value, impact, and implementation. In partnership with independent and academic researchers, CIIPS will sponsor research papers, reports and other materials that:

  • compare approaches in various nations and sectors
  • seek “best practices” from around the world
  • evaluate “made in Canada” policy options
  • seek potential paths forward for public and corporate policy
  • provide the data and ideas for advancement by professional practitioners and civil liberties organizations
  • share research findings with the general public, decision-makers, practitioners, and students.


CIIPS creates educational programs for the general public, youth, high school and university students. The institute will develop educational programs independently by contracting with qualified professionals, and also seek partnerships with existing universities, colleges and schools for the development and presentation of courses of study.

As well, the Institute will reach out to the general public, as well as academic, legal, administrative, and business professionals to increase understanding of information rights and related public-policy options.

CIIPS will contribute to building a network of members, advisors, fellows, supporters, and interested citizens through our website, newsletters, social media, brochures, public events, popular media and other opportunities to advance knowledge and education.